What countries do you serve for international freight shipping ?

Europe, Asia, Far East, Northern Africa, South Africa, South America, Australia, Canada, Mexico and many more.

Do you provide international freight rate / quotes and shipping estimates ?

Yes. We can give you a rate based on the actual shipping information. Our rates are specific to the services required for that shipment and may include rates for inland trucking, ocean or air rate, additional port fees, handling charges and sometimes insurance (if requested). Customs duty and taxes are not included in our international shipping freight rates. International shipping fees are based on commodity, services, origin, destination and country specific requirements.

How much are Customs Duties and Taxes ?

There isn’t a standard fee and they will vary accordingly. These fees and taxes are based on the country, commodity and the value of the shipment.

Do I need to call the carrier after scheduling with you ?

No, we will take care of this for you. Please do not call the freight carrier or terminal as this will duplicate the pickup.

How should I package my shipment ?

Your shipment should be packaged properly to ensure that it is delivered safely. Improper packaging may void the carrier's liability for damage.

How to ship freight ?

Freight can be shipped by ocean steamship, passenger airplane or cargo airplane. you can find the cheapest international shipping rate instantly, get help with insurance, and even freight rate financing.