we provides full-service warehouse management to augment and support our cargo delivery solutions. We offer inventory receipt, inspection, and verification services coupled with the provision of our proprietary warehouse management IT systems wherever our customers require our presence. We provide warehousing solutions to customers, with specialized focus on rapidly moving air freight from our warehouse location to the air terminals.

 In addition, we maintain a secure outdoor storage yard that is available for both long term and short term storage needs to complement our indoor warehousing facilities. With Elohim Shipping, we meet your warehousing requirements with tailored global solutions that ensure that your precious cargo is secured, stored, and handled with the utmost care.

We are entirely dedicated to providing you, our valued customer, a level of logistics warehousing that is entirely about what you need. We understand the processes and intricacies that are associated with warehousing services and supply chain management. Which means that we are best placed to be able to give you the level of customer focus that you need.

We are adaptable in the levels of warehousing and fulfilment that we can provide you and will work with you to assess your warehousing and distribution needs.